total comics in school year!!!

BY: Alex Lam         I counted the number of comics everyone did in Dum.e this year (including “Dum.e end of school edition which didn’t come out). Here are the results of who did the most to the least.

1. Alex Lam with 252 comics!

2.Lincoln Atangen with 117 comics!

3. Ryan Bloom “Bloom” with 41 comics!

4. Matteo Ametrano with 14 comics!

5. Anthony Ametrano with 12 comis!

6. Sean spivak, Wyatt currie and Sasha Karbi tied with a total of 3 comics!

7 .Michael Rumanik with a total of 2 comics!

8. Bailee Cohen with 1 comic!

Anyway, these are the results of how many comics these people contributed to Dum.e of the Ledbury Park 2011-2012 school year. Have a good summer, and thanks to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!1




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