reporter intereview with Alex Lam

When was Dum.e first created?

   In grade 4, but me and lincoln kept it a secret to ourselves.

Yes, but how was it invented?

In gym class during bowling, we had a lot of spare time to ourselves because we had to wait for our turn. I created really funny jokes in a high pitched squeal that involved a 4 year old with it’s mom( mom.e ). After gym class, Lynx drew some character out of it, and the rest is history.

What inspired you to bring Dum.e to the classroom?

Other classmates did actually (thank you 😀 ) . When people started putting up books like Laser Liam and Robots vs. Gladiators, me and\or Lincoln thought, “Why don’t we introduce Dum.e? No one introduced a comic strip book, and everyone loves comics.”

  Did anyone help you create comics instead of Lincoln?

Yes actually. We had a couple of people help us, and they all made marvelous comics. They are: Ryan Bloom, Anthony and Matteo Ametrano, Sean Spivak, Sasha Karbi and lots of others.

In the school year, other than Dum.e comics, who made your favourite comic book?

The Muppets Comics by Sasha Karbi. It has excellent detail.

What cartoonist in real life, makes your favourite comics?

I don’t know. Maybe Dilbert by Scott Adams, because I have a big book on it.

What is your least favourite issue? Galaxy, Party, Christmas,Dimention, Fan version, Blues, valentine, Jailbreak, Revenge,Mini version, counter clockwise, Remix, In real life or end of school?

Revenge issue by far. I only read it to see how bad it is.

Your favourite?

Dum.e Jailbreak. It rox :D, and it’s our most sucessful issue.

Which assistant instead of Lincoln, was the most hardworking helper with great comics?

Ryan Bloom by a landslide.

Why do you make comics for other people?

I love seeing them laugh at our hard work, and by that time, I feel every bit of effort we used gets restored. I love working to make people happy.

Would you like to become a cartoonist?

Absolutely! It’s my dream job. I don’t think there is an end to Dum.e, so you might see it in a newspaper soon!


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